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Americans For Justice  -United - 2020


We welcome you to our site!


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There are comment sections underneath each topic open to comments.  Click on comment. All that is needed is a poster name and it will go through. Time will vary for it to show at the site, due to the particular website set up.

This site is created for Americans to UNITE.  We are not a radical site.  We are not a religious site, although we do believe in one nation under GOD and have faith. 

There is not abuse or harassment allowed. 

We believe it is important to come together in these times and we are open to feedback, input, venting, ideas, etc.  We believe in helping in every way we can to Make America Great Again!

Please take the time to tell us what you think and let us know you are here.  Participation is the start of uniting.

We stand by our 1st Amendment rights.  We believe in public safety , truth and Justice.


Look forward to hearing from you